What is a suitable jig saw blade for cutting aluminum?

Hi everyone, this is David, the salesman of the hailian jig saw blade, and I am sharing with you today about the selection of tools and jig saw blades for cutting aluminum. People often need to use aluminum cutting in the process of industrial manufacturing or home cutting work, so using a chainsaw is a very natural choice. After using the chainsaw will have to use the right chaining saw blade to work together to cut aluminum perfectly, then today we will introduce how to choose the best jig saw blade, and recommend the right jig saw blade for cutting aluminum.


What kind of jig saw blade do you need to use to cut aluminum?

In the selection of jig saw blades used to cut aluminum, one needs to take into account the function and shape of the jig saw blade and material, such as the need to consider number of teeth, jig saw blade shape, jig saw blade material, etc., the following a specific list of the following:


jig saw blade teeth: choose a jig saw blade with a higher number of teeth, you can get a smoother and more accurate cutting effect. Usually, when cutting aluminum, you need to choose the number of teeth between 80 and 100 jig saw blades.

jig saw blade shape: For soft materials like aluminum, T-shaped jig saw blades and U-shaped jig saw blades are more suitable for cutting. This kind of jig saw blade can reduce vibration and noise, and extend the service life of the jig saw blade.

jig saw blade material: choose the jig saw blade made of materials with high hardness and wear resistance, such as carbon steel, high-speed steel, or tungsten carbide. These materials can ensure the service life of the jig saw blade and cutting quality.

Precautions when cutting aluminum

When cutting aluminum, you must pay attention to many places, before cutting, if you do not apply lubricant or other lubricants on the jig saw blade, then it will not be able to protect the jig saw blade, it will shorten the service life of the jig saw blade.

Also need to pay attention to life safety, in the use of jig saw blade cutting aluminum, need to wear appropriate safety devices, such as cutting gloves, and anti-pollution glasses, while having to pay attention to the work area being clean and tidy, and always need to pay attention to accidental injuries.

Another important point, which we hailian jig saw blade has always reminded all users, is that the jig saw blade must be replaced regularly because the jig saw blade will be worn out, the cutting speed needs to be controlled, and the state of the jig saw blade needs to be checked regularly, and the worn blade needs to be replaced in time.


Soon, you have mastered all the knowledge about the jig saw blade, already know and understand how to pick the right jig saw blade for cutting aluminum, and need to pay attention to safety and attention to cutting speed, also need to know some notes, timely replacement of worn out jig saw blade, the above content is here.