Saw blade use and maintenance precautions

2022-06-06 13:38:49 海联锯业科技有限公司 Viewd 622

1. Please hang the alloy saw blade vertically on a dry shelf. Please avoid damp places. Never place the alloy saw blade flat on the ground or on the shelf. Placing it flat will cause the alloy saw blade to deform.

2. When storing saw blades, the saw blades should not be stacked together, and the saw blades should be placed in the original carton;

3. When using, you must wear protective cover, gloves, safety helmet, labor insurance shoes, and protective glasses.

4. When installing the alloy saw blade, the performance and use of the saw table must be confirmed first, and it is best to read the manual of the saw table first. In order to avoid wrong installation, causing an accident.

5. When installing the alloy saw blade, you must first check whether the alloy saw blade is cracked, distorted, flattened, dropped teeth, etc., and then install it.

6. The teeth of the alloy saw blade are super hard and sharp. It is forbidden to collide and fall to the ground. It must be handled with care.

7. After the alloy saw blade is installed, it must be confirmed whether the center hole of the saw blade is firmly fixed on the flange of the saw table. Whether the plate rotates eccentrically shakes. The diameter of the flange should be compatible with the saw blade, and the size should be slightly larger than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade. The thin blade should use a flange of 1/2 the diameter of the saw blade, and the sawing effect is better;

8. The cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the alloy saw blade must be aligned with the rotation direction of the saw table. It is strictly forbidden to install in the opposite direction, as the wrong direction will lead to tooth loss.

9. Pre-rotation time: After replacing the alloy saw blade, it needs to be pre-rotated for one minute before use, so that the cutting table can only be cut when the saw table enters the working state.

10. When the saw blade is used for many times, the saw blade should be cleaned, and the resin, wood chips and other debris attached to both sides of the saw blade should be removed, otherwise it will have a greater impact on the processing effect of the saw blade;