Overview of Jig Saw Blade Sizes and Uses

Jig Saw Blade is a common tool whose main function is to cut and engrave various materials. It is a hard and wear-resistant metal material made of carbon steel, high-speed steel, etc. It can cut wood, metal, plastic, and other products, and according to the size and dimensions of the object to be cut, the Jig Saw Blade comes in many sizes, specifically for these different sizes of cut objects, 10 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, and 8 inches. The main difference between them is that there is a big difference in size and the materials that can be cut.

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What are the differences between the different sizes of Jig Saw Blade?

Different sizes of Jig Saw Blade are mainly used in different scenarios. The larger the size of the Jig Saw Blade, the higher the hardness and rigidity required, and generally the larger size of the Jig Saw Blade is used to cut items needed for large projects, such as the smallest 5-inch blade, which is only suitable for home DIY tools and small craft work. Then we next carefully introduce the main uses of different sizes of Jig Saw Blade.

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10 inch Jig Saw Blade:

The 10 inch Jig Saw Blade is suitable for large projects and tasks that require deep cutting. It is commonly used in industry and construction, for example, in the construction of large houses and buildings where heavy wood and metal need to be cut.

5 inch Jig Saw Blades:

The 5 inch Jig Saw Blades are commonly used for home DIY projects and small handicrafts. They are perfect for cutting thin materials such as thin wood and plastic panels. Because of their smaller size, it makes it easier to make fine cuts and engravings.

6 inch Jig Saw Blades:

The 6 inch Jig Saw Blades is a versatile size for many different material cutting tasks. They are slightly larger than 5-inch blades but still allow for fine cutting and engraving.

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7 inch Jig Saw Blades:

The 7 inch Jig Saw Blades are suitable for medium-sized projects such as making furniture and other decorative items. They are better suited for cutting heavy materials, such as thick wood panels and metal materials, than 5-inch and 6-inch blades.

8 inch Jig Saw Blade:

The 8 inch Jig Saw Blade is typically used for exterior work and other large projects. It can cut larger and thicker materials

What should I look for when selecting a Jig Saw Blade?

When selecting a Jig Saw Blade you need to be careful to choose the correct size Jig Saw Blade, otherwise, it can cause a lot of damage to the cutting equipment and may cause accidents to the object being cut, for example, a Jig Saw Blade that is too small to cut a very large and strong object can cause the blade to break. Be sure to pay attention to safe operation in the operation project.


After talking about the above, we have a good understanding of the Jig Saw Blade and a detailed understanding of its various sizes, you can follow the above comparison, and choose the correct size of the blade you need if when you need to choose 20 inch hand meat saw blades however you finally choose a 5 inch blade. Then it will completely affect your normal work.