What is a diamond saw blade used for?

A diamond saw blade is one of the hardest types of blades, which leads to its very wide range of uses. It is mainly used to cut materials such as metals or construction. After reading this article, you will have a very precise concept of the use of diamond saw blades, which can allow you to have a full understanding when choosing blades in the future. A diamond consists of a steel core and a segment.

The steel core is a round flat metal disc, which is part of the support, used to support the outer segment and can weld the diamond to the core.

The cutting part is composed of diamonds and metal bonds. The segment is the cutting part, which generally uses artificial diamonds or synthetic diamonds, and natural diamonds are generally not used. Although natural diamonds are expensive, their hardness is far less than that of synthetic diamonds, so that diamond blades can cut sturdy materials. Artificial diamonds can often get more strict control due to their shape and size strength, and artificial diamonds can make the cutting efficiency and lifespan of the manufactured blades consistent, as long as these three factors are considered when manufacturing diamond blades. Diamond quantity, diamond quality, and size.

Circular Saw Blade for Plywood

The uses of diamond saw blades.

Diamond saw blades can be used to cut hard materials and metals such as rebar, metal, concrete, semiconductors, etc. Most materials can be solved with ordinary blades because the price of diamond blades is quite expensive. If all materials use diamonds, then the cost will be very high.

The advantages of diamonds

Diamonds are a boon for cutting hard materials. The diamond blade is harder than all material for the blade, hard material need to be cut with an even tougher and stronger material. So, diamond came in. Therefore, diamonds can be used to cut tiles, steel, moving pictures, and rebar materials. Artificial diamonds have many benefits. Without diamonds, many sturdy materials cannot be cut. Compared with other metal blades, this kind of blade also has various advantages:

  • More safety to be used

  • Last much longer

  • Cut more faster

Circular Saw Blade for Plywood

Diamond cutting steel

Steel metal is the hardest material on earth. It can cut types of steel. Steel metal enables it to cut through steel bars.

How to choose the suitable size type of diamond size?

Blade size can affect the content of cutting and activity in work.

You are not going to walk into the kitchen use a 30-inch diamond saw blade or large saw blade to cut tile. Generally speaking, choose a size that diamond depends on your blade size. To find the keys, you can look at the product packaging and manufacturer's book and find out the diameter of the blade it takes.


What materials can diamonds cut?

Diamonds can cut nearly 100 kinds of hard material, I will try to list them all. For your convenience to refer to.

Metals: Including hard alloys, copper, aluminum, steel (including stainless steel), iron, etc.

Non-metallic minerals: Such as granite, marble, quartz, jade, glass, ceramics, etc.

Building materials: Such as concrete, bricks, tiles, prefabricated boards, etc.

High hardness materials: Such as silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, boron nitride, etc.

Composite materials: Such as fiber-reinforced plastics, carbon fiber composites, etc.

Semiconductor materials: Such as silicon wafers, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc.

Various hard and brittle materials inside precision instruments: Such as gems, optical glass, etc.

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